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RIP Alice Gross Xxx
Thinking and praying for you and your family. 

Rest in peace, beautiful Alice gross.
It pains me beyond belief that somebody could take the life of such a sweet and innocent young girl. Alice deserved happiness, her body should have been recovered from her eating disorder, not from a river.
We live in a beautiful, but often terrible, world. There are some awful people out there, so I urge you all to keep as safe as you can because such a tragedy can happen to any one of us - boy, girl, young, old.
You are valuable and you are loved - we cannot afford to lose you too.


RIP Alice x


Alice Gross’ Parents ‘Completely Devastated’
As the schoolgirl’s body is identified, her family say they are struggling to come to terms with the “terrible crime”.The parents of Alice Gross have said they are “completely devastated” after the missing teenager’s body was found in a river near their home. Source.
Alice Gross is Dead


The body of Alice Gross has been identified officially. She was found in the Brent River. I am so angry. So unspeakably angry, not only that this little girls will NEVER be able to grow up like she should have the right to, but that people dismiss her as “another white girl that went missing.” As if the color of her skin and her gender makes her any less our attention. RIP Alice Gross, you will be missed by those who never even knew you, and will be carried forever in our hearts.


danimeowmarie: I’m too sad for words :( for some reason I felt such a connection to alice and my heart breaks for her and her family. I hoped and prayed everyday she would be found safe and well. A beautiful talented girl with her whole life ahead of her, it’s not fair :( I just hope they catch the evil scum who did this to her. Rest in paradise alice, the whole country is mourning for you. 🙏
RIP Alice Gross


So upset by the murder of this sweet young girl. So furious that her killer cowardly hung himself in a park and escaped the law and having to answer any questions about what he did to Alice. Such a tragedy, my thoughts go out to her family and friends.


RIP Alice Gross. Sleep easy xxxxx


Rest in peace, little princess. Stars will shine brighter for you.
I’m sorry you had to go through such a horrible thing Alice, your body should’ve recovered from your eating disorder, not from a river.
You’re safe now. Nobody can hurt you anymore. Sleep tight angel.


just found out that my little cousin was friends with Alice Gross and that’s utterly fucking terrifying.


RIP Alice Gross


I am absolutely heartbroken over the Alice Gross case. I have been following it closely over the past several weeks, I really was hoping against all hope that she would be found ok. Rest in Peace, love <3


I can’t get Alice Gross out of my head because it’s just such a messed up situation that nobody deserves to be on the receiving end of.

RIP Alice